Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Careful cross stitch

Teddy and Holly enjoyed doing their cross stitch.  Teddy thought it was going to be tricky, but when it was explained to him, it all made sense.  The only problems were the knots!  Holly is very proud of how neatly she has created the pattern she designed.  Super effort, both of you!

Pretty as a picture!

It really is difficult to tell Sasha's and Ocean's watercolours apart from the original painting.  The accuracy of their work and their incredible attention to detail are quite stunning.  What amazing pieces of work to keep and frame to display at home.  Fabulous talent, ladies!

Terrific tables!

These two ladies know that hard work pays off.  Katie and Eleanor have practised and practised their times tables every week and can each answer 100 questions correctly in under fifteen minutes.  That's less than 9 seconds per calculation, including the tricky ones.  Keep up the good work, girls!

Wonderful writing

Here are three writers whose work is SOOOOOO amazing, we had to show Miss Stannard!  Luke has written a stunning, and very dramatic, story about a 'casual' caterpillar using very grown-up vocabulary (Luke, not the caterpillar!).  Amelia has chosen loads of super adjectives to describe her curly snail, listening for the sounds in the words she wanted to write.  Daisy has shown how much she has learned this year by writing a fantastic sentence for her report, writing lots of the sounds she could hear.  We are very proud of them and they are very proud of themselves.  Well done cleverclogses!

Friday, 14 July 2017

The weekly shop

Well here's some great news for Hugo's mum.  He is so good at calculating where to get the best deals, he is taking over the weekly shopping!  It's not easy to compare prices for different amounts, but Hugo knows how to do it.  Great thinking, brainbox!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Once upon a time ...

We are all very impressed with Kaydon's story that he has written so beautifully.  He has chosen some really grown-up words and phrases to interest the reader, his story has a beginning, a middle and an end, and you can read every word.  brilliant writing, Kaydon - clever man!

Myths and legends

In Foxes, they have been learning about myths, so Sammy decided to write her own.  It has loads of interesting vocabulary choices and huge amounts of detail, both of which make it a really interesting story.  Super work, Sammy!